Multiverse Warp

For this one I decided to just have a little fun with it. I’ve been wanting to introduce the new Leila Gehenna character. But I’m also considering an upcoming side project involving a zombie story line. So I used this to introduce the alternate universe for that one as well. But then I decided to have even more fun. Since I was already dealing with time travel and crossing realms, why not play around with the past too. And play around with the end setting of Lady Prevail: Trapped In Hell. So this story can also partly serve as a Lady Prevail: Trapped In Hell 3.

Also, here is something just for a good laugh. And this was unintentional but I noticed this when reading it back myself… After your read it the first time seriously, give it a second read but with Logo Girl in the voice of Goku, Danika as Vegeta, Mistress Danielle as Bulma, and Leila as Android 18. You will crack up.