Logo Girl: Origin

Logo Girl is the main character in my superheroine stories. But that is not how it started. Originally I was learning the more advanced methods of Poser and created a temporary superheroine character for a few practice renders. Then I ended up using her in my logo. So I just started calling her ‘Logo Girl’. She was intended to be used as a comic relief character or to be used as a supporting character in some stories. But after I got some skill behind me and decided to finally recreate her for regular use, she just came out so well. I was really happy with the way she turned out. She ended up becoming my main character. But I still like the name so I kept it. And decided to just invent a story explaining why it would make sense that she would be called Logo Girl.

So the main idea is that she is a Graphic Designer by trade who is ironically photographed in costume unwittingly standing next to a logo she designed in her secret identity. Before this she is just a nameless vigilante superheroine until the photo goes viral and she is associated with the LG in the logo.