Lady Prevail: Trapped In Hell Part 1

Fifteen years later, after finally getting back into my Poser hobby and improving my skills and software capability, I remade Lady Prevail and decided to continue the story. Only this time I took it in a different direction. I have a whole new superheroine universe now. So her story has been integrated with that and I’m taking it much further. After all, she was my first ever invented superheroine.

At this time I am preparing to write the second book in the Chronicles of Logo Girl. Lady Prevail: Trapped in Hell. While it will include much of the basic story line of this comic version, it will be much different. While I will still preserve a comedy element, it will be a dark story with much more thrill and chill. The story will take us back to a setting even before the Lady Prevail classic story explaining everything and retelling every event from another view. And will continue far past this comic version. You wont want to miss this story!