6-19-18 New Renders, Site Revision!

Logo Girl – Destiny Carlson Gallery

Three new images added to the Logo Girl -Destiny Carlson gallery in the renders section. It is loosely taken out of my book. If you want to find out what this little erotic scene is all about, you can purchase Logo Girl: Origin of a Superheroine on Amazon for only $2.99! Or read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited.


This website is going through a revision. It will not longer feature adult content and will focus on a more action adventure theme. Although I will still keep some erotic feel, this is going in the direction of a fun entertainment site for all types as apposed to a fetish site. You won’t see anything here that you wouldn’t see in the movies or night time television. I will be working on a slightly revised version of the Lady Prevail comics and more superheroine stories will be added as we go.

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